WorldSpice Expands Diverse Link Offering 3 different options!

Diverse Link is a WorldSpice Internet connectivity service that offers high speed Internet access using dual T1 lines with diverse connections from two different telecom carriers.

Diverse Link LITE · Diverse Link · Diverse Link PLUS

Diverse Link LITE (T1 & DSL)


Our Diverse Link T1 & ADSL product provides cost-effective redundancy by combining an industry standard T1 circuit, backed up by an ADSL circuit.

This product is for customers who need carrier diversity, but who are cost sensitive. The T1 & ADSL product is our most cost-effective Diverse Link offering.

Technical Details

This product includes a T1 circuit provisioned by a local fiber carrier, and an ADSL circuit over the Bellsouth ATM Network. WorldSpice manages both circuits and provides Internet access.

The ADSL circuit is provisioned as a "shadow circuit". That is to say, under normal operating conditions, only the T1 circuit is utilized; in the case of a failure, your Internet service automatically switches over to the ADSL circuit. When service is restored to the T1 circuit, service automatically switches back over to the T1.

ADSL is a distance-sensitive technology, and may not be available in all areas.

Diverse Link (T1 & T1) (shadow circuit)


Our shadow service is a lower cost version of the bonded Diverse Link service. You still get carrier diversity and fault tolerance, but are limited to 1.5Mbps of Internet service. This product is ideal for customers who need symmetric service, but who do not need transfer speeds faster than a standard T1.

Technical Details

This service uses routing metrics to establish a primary T1 that normally handles all traffic. A second T1 is setup to automatically take over if the primary T1 fails. Service will automatically switch back to the primary circuit as soon as it comes back in service. Additionally, WorldSpice engineers can force the secondary T1 in service in case the primary T1 is degraded, but not completely out of service. This is a manual process, however.

Diverse Link PLUS (T1 & T1) 3Mbps


Our Diverse Link bonded product is excellent for customers who need carrier diversity and high single-session transfer speeds. The standard product includes two T1 circuits, provisioned by separate local providers, that we bond together for service twice as fast as a standard T1 (3Mbps, instead of 1.5Mbps.) Having two circuits provides fault tolerance: if one circuit goes out of service, the remaining circuit will still provide Internet service at 1.5Mbps.

Technical Details

This Diverse Link product utilizes multilink PPP to "bond" multiple T1 circuits into a single, high-speed virtual interface. Up to four T1 circuits can be bonded, providing up to 6Mbps of Internet service. The standard Diverse Link package includes two circuits, providing 3Mbps.

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