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November 2003

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GuestVelocity Internet Solution Deployed in Washington, D.C.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (November, 2003) -- WorldSpice Technologies, an established Internet Service Provider, announced that they have completed installation of their product, GuestVelocity, at Holiday Inn-Washington D.C. Guest Velocity is a high-speed Internet solution offered to hotels. Located in the heart of ashington, D.C., the Holiday Inn deployed this added amenity last October. Guests can now browse the Internet, receive email, and access corporate VPN's right from their rooms and throughout all common areas of the entire hotel during their stay using Wi-Fi (802.11) technology.

Guests will be offered 24-hour toll-free technical support. GuestVelocity's 'plug-and-play' Internet solution will work with laptop's with built in wireless chips, or those using a standard Wi-Fi (802.11) wireless Ethernet card. For those guests without this technology, an access bridge that can access the network via the guest Ethernet port will also be available at the properties front desk.

"From a sales marketing perspective, the technology has already enabled us to not only lure, but to actually achieve an additional 10 high-volume or high-producing accounts per year, because we now have that capability in Downtown Memphis," says Christopher Tompkins, Sales, Marketing and PR Director of The Radisson-Memphis.

About WorldSpice Technologies

GuestVelocity is a product of WorldSpice Technologies, an established Internet Service Provider founded in 1994 with over 4,000 customers. WorldSpice markets a comprehensive line of broadband access solutions from DSL to DS3's.

This announcement came after many months of negotiating and competing with other national companies. For additional information on the company, visit

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